Pixel Football League: Whitepaper v3 Updated: 11/4/22

This whitepaper serves to provide an insight into our mechanics for the upcoming PFL season, to present our game model and the Layer 2 marketplace we intend to use.

Each Player and Chairman will be an ERC-721 token - but for the sake of progression and adoption of the game, we have set up a hybrid model to eliminate gas fees for minor transactions to prevent stunting the growth of the game. More will be revealed in due course.

The total supply will consist of 3200 Players and 200 Chairmen available for minting.

NFT Worlds

We plan to utilise NFTWorlds to build out a Football world. We will host weekly tournaments and teams / individuals can compete in tournaments for $WRLD prizes.

V1 Beta of our Plug-in

We have been working on a plug-in to allow a full scale football game in our stadium! We will also be building out a PFL Super City that will play host to our supporters. The City will surround the stadium and have further activities to provide hours of entertainment outside of football.

Our Plug-in is quite unique and we believe that this game can grow exponentially passed the realm of NFTs and grasp the attention of the everyday Minecraft player! This is a huge part of the project and will be released before the Blockchain game.

Football is growing at a extremely fast rate in North America and has seen a huge growth in popularity within the last couple of years and gaming has not caught up to the growth of the sport. FIFA is the main football game but has become quite stale. Pixel Football League will provide a fun and new avenue for gamers to play football with friends while earning $WRLD tokens.

What we are building is more than NFTs, we are building a brand. 2022 will consist of us building and monetizing Sports worlds/servers (Football is first) accessible to any Minecraft gamer.

Minecraft has 140,000,000 active users and NFT Worlds has opened the doors for gamers to earn money playing on servers, once these gamers realize they can earn money in a self sustaining ecosystem we will see a huge shift from traditional servers such as Hypixel to NFT Worlds games.​

Our goal is to have 6–10 self sustaining sports servers that enable players to earn $wrld and introduce them into the world of nfts & crypto.

Our NFTWorld will be open all season.

We plan to commit a large stake of our community wallet to acquiring more NFT Worlds and 100% of $WRLD tokens we earn will be airdropped equally to holders of PFL assets. We will also be adding an NFT World to the prize pool.

What we are building is more than NFTs, we are building a brand. 2022 will consist of us building and monetizing Sports worlds/servers (Football is first) accessible to any Minecraft gamer.

Minecraft has 140,000,000 active users and NFT Worlds has opened the doors for gamers to earn money playing on servers, once these gamers realize they can earn money in a self sustaining ecosystem we will see a huge shift from traditional servers such as Hypixel to NFT Worlds games.

​Our goal is to have 6–10 self sustaining sports servers that enable players to earn $wrld and introduce them into the world of NFTs & crypto.

Collectibles & Fantasy Football Tournaments!

We aim to create a self-sustaining ecosystem which allows players to purchase in game items with $WRLD earned! While rewarding holders of PFL Assets.

PFL Holders will receive a discounted price & exclusive shops with stock retained for them.

A sneak peak at two of the many purchasable items in game!

Ultimate Packs & Skins

We have built many stores scattered around our city, within these stores there will be shops rotating in stock.

Ultimate Packs:

  • A trading card pack containing 5 random footballers from top flight divisions (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A & MLS)
  • A total stock of 200 will be available for 7 days. Players will be only be available in packs and the list will be published before the stock rotation.
  • Once that player has entered circulation in packs they will never be available again after the 7 days.
  • Obtaining players such as Messi, Benzema, Mbappe & Ronaldo will be very rare…
  • Once the pack has been purchased it will be airdropped to the corresponding wallet.
  • These packs will be priced at 70 $WRLD* (Subject to change)
  • Packs may be left un-opened.
  • Ultimate Packs will be on the Polygon Network.

Upon opening an Ultimate Pack, you will receive 5 trading cards. These cards will also be available for purchase within a $WRLD marketplace hosted inside of our world (similar to the Grand Exchange on RuneScape).

These cards can be displayed inside of apartments in the PFL Super City. We want to create a competitive market where the most rare cards are sort after and hosting auctions for cards such as Messi.

A free ultimate card packet will be airdropped to holders to get the ball rolling.


Skins resembling footballing icons and even legends of the game such as Maradona will be available to purchase within stores on our world.

We will restock this shop on a monthly basis.

Rare skins such as Neymar will have a smaller stock. (You will be briefed before release)

These skins will not provide any in-game benefits in terms of gameplay but as we aim to adopt the mainstream Minecraft audience these skins will appreciate in value / scarcity.

WRLD In-game marketplace

We aim to create a self-sustaining ecosystem which allows players to purchase in game items with $WRLD earned! While rewarding holders of PFL Assets. A sneak peak at two of the many purchasable items in game!​

Collectible skins will be purely cosmetic but will be rarer and will only appear in store one time on a rotation basis. once the stock has depleted or the sale month has ended the skin will never appear again. we understand the niche market about collecting skins & cards.

Any sale made within our $wrld marketplace will be taxed 5.6%, this tax will be sent to holders of PFL assets.

$WRLD will be the only legal tender for purchasing anything inside of the PFL Stores and will have a 5.6% Sales Tax which will accumulate and be directed towards holders/stakers of PFL Assets. Skins and trading cards sold on OpenSea or any other marketplace will come with a 12.5% royalties tax to encourage users to use our $WRLD marketplace inside of our world.

Metaverse Fantasy Football

As well as being collectibles these cards in the near future will also be useable for a fantasy football game mode that’ll run in game!

Players will be able to field 5 players that’ll obtain points correlating to how their the player performs in real life matches for that week. A $WRLD Prize is available weekly for the player who has obtained the most points for the week and a grand prize for the player with the most points obtained for the season.

Since the season is ending in most divisions we will be starting with the World Cup which will also provide value to lower rated players as the World Cup is notorious for unknown break out stars to have a great tournament and obtain plenty of points.

The leader boards will be presented on billboards throughout the city.

There will be no gas fees but a small sales tax of 5.6% on purchases of skins and ultimate packs/cards which will make its way to holders and will provide just another avenue for holders to earn $WRLD tokens.

More Information regarding in-game transactions and collectibles will become transparent in time as we finalise numbers.

Due to laws regarding loot boxes and such items, we will be providing zero in-game benefits from items unlocked but will be merely cosmetic and we recommended spending $WRLD Tokens earned throughout gameplay. High rated/rare player chances will be provided upon release.

$WRLD Exposure

  • In-game Transactions (Ultimate Packs & Skins)
  • Fantasy Football with cards collected in-game w/ $WRLD Prizes
  • Cross Community Tournaments
  • In-game $WRLD Marketplace w/small tax that is sent to holders
  • Monthly $WRLD Airdrops (94 RATING = 94 $WRLD a month)
  • P2E Revenue
  • Mini-games

What is the Blockchain game you are building alongside the NFTWorlds?

(NFT Worlds first then the blockchain game will enter production)

The Pixel Football League is an NFT sports league made up of 200 teams competing for the PFL league trophy each season. Teams will be separated into two divisions (East and West), and will play 99 games each per season.

The top 10 teams in each division will qualify for the playoff series, and the winners from each division will play in the final, where a winner will be decided.

Each team consists of 16 players (11 on-field Players and 5 substitutes), with each Player having a unique Attacking and Defending rating (55–99, dependant on rarity)

Each team must field 11 Players and 5 substitutes to participate in league matches (3 matches per game week).

The Chairman will field a starting 11 before the game week starts. Games will be simulated with our algorithm to determine a winner, but the highest-rated team won’t win every game.

Each game will be simulated using our algorithm, with a multitude of different factors affecting the outcome of each match.

Gameplay interactivity will mainly occur on the Layer 2 Marketplace, and will consist of transfers, upgrades and match preparation.

Pixel Football League roll-out will comprise of the following:

BlockChain Game Roadmap:

PHASE 1: Launch Day

— Mint of 3400 Players & Chairman (3200/200) on the Ethereum blockchain.

— Club Allocation to existing Chairman

NFT World Launch

PHASE 1B: First Transfer Window

– Launch of Layer2 Marketplace to allow for signings and trading amongst teams

– Transfer Finalisations


– Player/Club Upgrade System (Use of $WRLD to upgrade facilities and equipment)

– Free physical card & kit claim

What Is a PFL Player/Chairman?

Players and Chairman serve different purposes within the game, both will participate within the Pixel Football League.

Players are composed of two identifiable attributes:

Attack & Defence

Under each of these identifiable attributes there will be sub-traits:

Attack: Shooting, Passing, Flair & Dribbling

Defence: Strength, Leadership, Positioning & Aggression

These sub-traits will have a rating between 1–99 and will formulate the attack and defence of the player. Sub-traits will be weighted differently in the formulation of attacking and defending stats.

Each of these attributes will play a vital role in the players performance.


Players have a number of different, randomly-generated rarity types:

  1. Numeric Values for attributes
  2. Accessories
  3. Player Traits (Shoots from distance, increased ability to form chemistry links etc)

Each player is generated random values at mint for each sub-trait. Ranging from 1–99 resulting in an identifiable trait that is between 55–99 (Attack & Defence). Meaning two players with the same attack or defence rating will not be of the same efficiency.

These numeric values will matter within the game and effect the algorithm. A Chairman who can build a numerically efficient team will have more success.

Although, there will be underdog wins throughout the season…

What Are Our Goals?

We want to create the first metaverse competitive sports league enabling people to play or team up with other PFL holders and earn $WRLD as a wage for their Player or Chairman.

We want to create NFT’s that retain value over time and can be traded on the largest NFT marketplace (LooksRare/Opensea), thus the 3400 supply will be ERC-721 tokens and that will never change.

We want $WRLD to enable transfers and allow for wages to be paid to Players/teams and create an ecosystem completely governed by $WRLD. Our Layer 2 Marketplace will allow for this to happen.

Our end goal is to create a competitive league where the best Players are sought after, and teams become governed by DAO’s where transfer decisions and responsibility are equally distributed to members of the DAO.

Upon minting, the game will be free of charge to play. There will be no additional gas or other fees after the minting day.

Gameplay (Phase 1):

Once the mint phase has been completed, Chairman will be allocated a team to run.

This team will be visible as an ERC-721 Token. The Team will be intertwined with their Chairman as one NFT. This is so if a participant does not want to run the team any longer they can sell their Chairman/Club without effecting the progression of the club. (Chairman = Club)

Chairman will submit a logo and team name before the league starts (Teams are free to change at the end of every season). This will be followed by the phase 1 transfer period (more on that later)

If a Chairman does not submit a logo/name we will create a logo and apply a team name for them.

As mentioned above, each team will play 3 games a week, competing against other clubs to climb the table. Three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss.

Scores will be announced on our platforms:

An updated league table will be posted at the end of every game week.

There will also be a table for Goals & Assists with the highest in each division receiving an end of season trophy to commemorate that Player.

Player Partnerships:

A Chairman who fields the same Players will have an increased chance of developing partnerships between Players. For example, a Right Back and Right Winger who play together often and have a good run of games will generate a higher success rate when attacking and defending together due to their familiarity, giving them a hidden stat increase that will effect the algorithm (The partnership will be visible to all).

This works across the board for Players in similar positions.

Winning teams will be rewarded a match bonus of $WRLD for Players, Chairman, and DAO holders of that club. ($WRLD will have no use outside of the game and is not an investment).

Teams will be competing for the top 10 spots in each division to progress to the playoffs. Upon season finish, the top 10 teams will be seeded into a playoff series weighted by their season position (1st plays 10th). The winner of the Conference East will compete against the winner of Conference West for the trophy in the PFL Super Cup Final.

Transfer Period (Phase 1):

All minters are given a 5.88% chance of obtaining a Chairman when minting.

Each Chairman will be assigned a club, the Chairman will be a vital part of phase 1.

They will oversee signing Players and the initial distribution of $WRLD until the DAO is introduced (after phase 1/season start), upon which their main responsibility will be fielding the starting 11 and building partnerships within the team.

Players will be paid relative to their overall rating. To ensure that teams cannot be completely stacked out from the start, there will be a salary cap for each team.

When Phase 2 commences we will introduce DAOs for each club which will become involved with transfers and club direction. DAO holders of the team will share an equal vote of how they think the clubs $WRLD wallet should be spent. More information on DAOs will be disclosed in due course.

Benefits to owning a Chairman after Phase 1:

Accumulating profits from the club (more success = more $WRLD and higher team value on the marketplace).

Players will receive a 25% tax on all wages which will trickle down to every Chairman.

The Chairman earns the most $WRLD.

The Chairman will receive a greater stake of the mid-season airdrop compared to Players and DAO holders.

The Chairman is free to sell the club at any time during the season without affecting the club.

We plan to “Televise” games in Phase 3 via streaming platforms and clubs who reach the playoffs will receive TV Rights in form of $WRLD.

$WRLD will be a vital part of the games ecosystem and will be used on our Layer 2 Marketplace during phase 2 for the club-to-club Player transfers, Player gear upgrades, club upgrades, as well as drip distribution, acting as a reward for more successful teams.

Teams that want to stay ahead of the pack can purchase Player and Club upgrades through spending $WRLD, thus $WRLD will be constantly burned throughout the season.

Layer 2 Marketplace:

We want to be a on-chain league operating on the Ethereum Mainnet market and ensure the Players/Chairman will hold an Ethereum value, but we also want to allow users to avoid Mainnet gas fees which will stump growth and participation of the game. To solve this, we present our hybrid model partnered with a layer 2 marketplace to allow for the club to club transfers and interactions to help the game run smoother.

Club to club transfers will enable a shuffle of rosters during transfer periods in the search for building the best team.

Apart from the Layer 2 Marketplace the entirety of Pixel Football League will be stored on-chain.

Selling a Player:

Just like the Chairman, if a participant wants to sell their Player mid season via OpenSea or another similar platform, then they are free to do so. That Player will remain at the current club and no stats will be effected. The only way to acquire a Player for your club would be by signing them through the layer 2 marketplace. The Chairman can set the asking price for that Player and any club is free to purchase that Player as long as the transfer window is open.

To stop people hoarding Players, there will be an 18 Player maximum on every roster.

Transfers will only be available in the transfer window (Transfers windows will be announced before-hand to allow Clubs/DAOs time to prepare.)

What Does This Mean For Gameplay?

Gasless gaming.

Our unique game model and layer 2 marketplace lower the entry barrier while maintaining the integrity of the game.


Mint: The income received from our mint will be split 70/30.

70% will be sent to our community wallet which will be used solely for project progression. Everything Pixel Football League will be funded through this wallet.

30% will be sent straight to the prize pool to bulk up the reward from the start.

Royalties: We have set a 7.5% royalty on every sale. 2.5% will go to the founders and 2.5% will be sent straight to the prize pool. And the other 2.5% will be sent to the community wallet.

Best of luck out there…




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